Bio-Enzyme Beats Botox
Time Magazine calls it the... 
“key to longer lifespans.”
Scientists at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center think this powerful cell activator is...
So Why Is The Multi-Billion-Dollar Beauty Industry Trying To Discredit Its Undeniable Healing Power?
Dear Friend,

Inside every one of your body’s skin cells, a unique enzyme is working 24/7 to help stimulate new growth.

An enzyme with the power to STOP aging in its tracks...

And even...

Restore your skin’s youthful glow.

Now, this isn’t some overnight discovery...
“This is the product of 20 years of research.”
- Professor David Sinclair, Harvard Medical School
You see, the world’s most brilliant doctors are working tirelessly to unravel this enzyme’s mysteries...

Testing new and unusual ways to harness its potential.

But they’re facing an uphill battle...

With Big Pharma standing in their way.

Because when the enzyme’s power is fully realized...

It will turn the $445 billion beauty industry upside down...

“We are about to end the aging process!”
- Professor George Church, Harvard & MIT

This skin cell enzyme doesn’t just determine how quickly your skin ages...

It also determines the appearance of each new skin cell. [1]

As you can imagine...

The applications go far beyond skin care...

And the world’s leading scientists agree, we’re talking about...
“The potential to reverse cellular aging itself.”
- Professor George Church, Harvard & MIT
Last year, after a team of Harvard scientists discovered...
“A key mechanism in cellular degeneration and aging.”
- Professor David Sinclair, Harvard Medical School
I made an unusual connection.

The mechanism the Harvard team described was identical to one in a powerful immune-building plant…

A plant that’s been used in traditional medicine for thousands of years.

And one I use in a range of anti-aging therapies to treat patients.

Make no mistake, this plant is a GIANT in anti-aging therapy that supports...
  •  The breakdown of your subcutaneous fat
  •  Regulation of your blood sugar levels
  •  Healing of your wounds
  •  And… a healthy immune system [2]
Making Your Skin as Resilient as it was in Your 20s
The benefits of this age-defying wonder plant have been confirmed by more than 100 independent clinical studies in the past 20 years alone...

But the thing that’s got my patients buzzing...

Is its power to rejuvenate skin cells.

The reason the plant works so well is it contains a one-of-a kind bio-enzyme.

A bio-enzyme with unlimited cell regrowth potential. [3]

This bio-enzyme works just like the enzyme inside your skin cells...


It has none of the skin cell limitations.

Which means the bio-enzyme can support...
  •  Firmer
  •  Smoother
  •  Even-toned skin
  •  With a youthful glow – just like you see in kids’ faces.
I just love it and don't want to be without it!
“This cream has substance. 
It smooths on easily, sinks in quickly and does its job without any residue at all. My skin is brighter and the fine lines and wrinkles around my eyes and mouth are diminishing. My skin is firmer, smoother, and moist again. I just love it and don't want to be without it! Thank you Dr. Sears. 
- J.D., Montgomery, AL
Clinical tests prove your skin can be rejuvenated by up to 30% in just a few weeks. 

Can you even imagine?  30% in just a few weeks. 

This discovery is set to revolutionize skin care.

Plus, there’s...
NO expensive treatments or surgery.
NO harmful side effects.
It works for EVERYONE, no matter your age.
Now, you won’t hear about this bio-enzyme from your dermatologist...

At least not for a few years.

Because this is groundbreaking research I’m developing exclusively at the Sears Institute for Anti-Aging Medicine in Royal Palm Beach, Florida.
I continually update my patients’ treatments with the latest advances in anti-aging therapy
I’ve spent decades unravelling the mysteries hidden within your DNA...

Developing treatments for age-related illnesses... 
Illnesses other doctors write off as ‘incurable’.

I don’t blame them though.

Most doctors are slaves to the for-profit system.

They don’t have the time to do their own research...
My patients are updated on the latest in anti-aging therapy.
To test new theories and ideas.

They’re handed new medications rubber-stamped by the FDA and told they can choose between bottle A or bottle B...

Each with their own toxic side effects.

But unlike them...

I broke free of the system a long time ago.

And haven’t looked back since.

I’ve been working outside of Big Pharma’s reach to provide genuine care for my patients…

Developing new skin care technology with fellow doctors at renowned research facilities like Harvard Medical School, Johns Hopkins University, and Cedars-Sinai Hospital.

And my discovery of the bio-enzyme’s unique beautifying properties represents my biggest achievement to date...

A way to enhance your skin cells and rejuvenate your complexion...

Based on the science that won the 2009 Nobel Prize for Medicine.

Let me explain...
Old Skin Cells Rejuvenated with ‘Breakthrough’
Anti-Aging Discovery
Inside your skin cells, on a microscopic level, your DNA is slowly loosening.
It’s the process you and I call ‘aging’.

You can see it in tired, sagging skin. As it grows thinner and loses its elasticity. 

When you’re young, your DNA is very tightly wound... [4]

And your skin cells are firm.

But as you age, your DNA structure naturally loosens...
“The loosening of DNA is driving whole-of-body aging.”
- Dr. Lindsay Wu, University of New South Wales
Which can turn on the “wrong genes,” leading to abnormal cell growth. [5]

The rate at which DNA loosens is controlled by tiny caps on the end of your DNA…
Tiny caps called telomeres.

Telomeres work like the plastic tips on the end of your shoe laces..

Protecting the ends of your DNA.

Each time your skin cells divide, your telomeres get shorter.

Shorter telomeres leave skin vulnerable to decay. [6]

And of course cell decay is another way of saying ‘aging’.

So... maintaining telomere length is the key to younger-looking skin.

Now in 2009, Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn of the University of California received the Nobel Prize of Medicine for her discovery of telomerase.

Telomerase is the skin cell enzyme that helps support telomeres. [7]
“Telomerase holds the key to delaying or even reversing the cellular aging process.”
- Professor Julian Chen
School of Molecular Sciences, Arizona State University
Telomeres act as the body’s aging clock, and as they get shorter they produce older-looking skin and all that goes with it. But Harvard researchers found a way to signal telomeres to grow longer and create fresher, younger-looking cells.
Keep reading to learn more about this breakthrough in anti-aging!
Once Dr. Blackburn made her discovery...

Doctors and scientists began working tirelessly to come up with a way to increase production in the body.

But every new breakthrough led to even more questions.
Then in the Spring of 2017...
Researchers at Harvard Medical School revealed the next step in the bigger puzzle.
After years of vigorous testing...

The Harvard team discovered a faint signal being transmitted from deep inside skin cell DNA.

A signal they would have missed, had they not have been looking in exactly the right spot...

At exactly the right time.

They traced the signal to its source, allowing them to decipher it clearly. 

And found they’d stumbled across a DNA repair code being sent between two proteins.

The team wondered if increasing the numbers of these proteins in skin cells would boost the output of telomerase.

So they tested their idea on mice...

And the results proved astonishing...
“We can’t tell the difference between the tissues from an old mouse that is two years old versus a young mouse that is three to four months old.”
- Professor David Sinclair, Harvard Medical School
The Harvard team’s discovery proved beyond a doubt that skin cells can produce much more telomerase when exposed to the right stimulants...

And according to project leader Professor David Sinclair...

They can even “reverse aspects of aging within just one week of treatment.”

The team’s dedication inspired anti-aging doctors across the world, myself included.

It even solved a unique problem for NASA...
“[The discovery] is so promising it has attracted the attention of NASA, which believes it can help its Mars mission.” 
- Science Daily
For NASA, astronaut health is top priority.
That’s why they awarded the Harvard team the prestigious NASA iTech award for their research.
"[The team] came in with a solution for a biological problem and it won the competition out of 300 entries.”
- Dr. Lindsay Wu, Laboratory for Ageing Research, UNSW
NASA scientists had been searching for a way to keep astronauts’ skin healthy during a four-year mission to Mars. [8]

Even on short missions, astronauts experience accelerated aging from cosmic radiation. [9]

On a trip to Mars the situation would be far worse...
Five percent of the astronauts' skin cells would die...
And their chances of developing skin cancer would approach 100%. [10]

The Harvard team’s discovery of telomerase activators paved the way for new space age skin therapies that potentially stop cell decay, or ‘aging’...

NASA has since been helping the real medical professionals loosen Big Pharma’s grip on your health...

By joining the doctors and scientists developing genuine anti-aging therapies.

The inspirational work of the Harvard team led to another major breakthrough in understanding telomerase...
A New Breakthrough in Youthful Skin
Telomeres grow at the ends of chromosomes.
In Spring of this year, Julian Chen, a Professor of Biochemistry at Arizona State University, successfully decoded another skin cell signal that slows production of the telomerase enzyme.

He found "Telomerase has a built-in braking system” that “limits the overall activity of the telomerase enzyme." [11]

According to Gary Fisher, The Harry Helfman Professor of Molecular Dermatology, at the University of Michigan...

“We've shown that we can essentially trigger a signal for cells to wake up."
When I saw Professor Chen’s findings, I knew the cosmetic industry would be panicking...

Their worst fears were coming true.

The brake slowing down cell regeneration had been found...

And now it was only a matter of time before skin cell’s biggest mystery was solved.

Identifying the brake signal for the telomerase enzyme meant there was only one hurdle left to overcome...
How to Tell Your Cells to Keep Growing Younger
I knew to keep skin cells looking younger...

Telomerase levels had to be maintained.

But keeping levels high enough to avoid tripping the brakes...

That was a whole new challenge.

Every time we discovered a new piece of the puzzle, a greater mystery unfolded...

First, scientists identified telomere length controls aging...

Then they found the enzyme that keeps telomeres long — telomerase...

Then they pinpointed the proteins feeding telomerase...

Then they found the braking signal for telomerase... [12]

It seemed like there was no end to the quest.

But then came the “Eureka!” moment.

You see, up until this point...

Scientists had been trying to get skin cells to produce more telomerase by themselves.

They’d been looking for the answers inside skin cells...

After all, that was where each new breakthrough was coming from. 
“We’ve known for a long time that telomerase doesn’t tell the whole story of why chromosomes’ telomeres are a given length, but with the tools we had, it was difficult to figure out which proteins were responsible for getting telomerase to
do its work.”
- Carol Greider, Ph.D., Director of Molecular Biology and Genetics in the Johns Hopkins Institute for Basic Biomedical Sciences.
But when I saw the similarities between the enzymes in skin cells...

And a unique bio-enzyme at work within a powerful immune-building plant...

The bio-enzyme helps stimulate telomerase inside your skin cells.

Telomeres keep their length...

And in the cases where telomeres have been significantly worn down...
A Youthful Complexion is Restored Through Bio-Enzyme Stimulation
As you’re reading this, Big Pharma is scrambling to monetize the bio-enzyme’s properties...

To find a way of owning one of nature’s oldest remedies.

So before they can slap a patent on mother nature herself...

I’m going to show you how to achieve better results using your own skin cells’ resources.

To regress your skin’s appearance by up to 30%.
And look younger than you did 10 years ago.

And the key?
Enzyme-infused skin care rejuvenates old cells to create a smoother, clearer complexion. Skin texture is improved and a youthful tone is restored.
A gradual application of the bio-enzyme directly on your skin.

Supports maintaining your skin cells’ telomerase reserves...

Helps prevent any of your skin’s resources being used up...

And supports a healthy immune system too.

By stimulating the biological process already occurring inside your cells...

Your immune system isn’t prompted into action. [13]

Leaving you free to restore lost elasticity, and...

Build skin cell integrity to levels you’ve never experienced before.
My method doesn’t cover your skin,
it brings out a more youthful glow from within.
Whereas most anti-aging treatments cover up and conceal your skin, my methods focus on bringing out the very best appearance of your skin cells. 

To get the best results from the bio-enzyme, I give it EVERY possible advantage available. I create the perfect environment for it to thrive and combine it with... 
7 Powerful Skin Cell Rejuvenators
Each one with its own unique set of potential benefits.
They’re so effective as a team, I call them “The Magnificent 7.”

They include…
Your Skin’s Own Stress Reliever
#1 Cell Rejuvenator: Teprenone – The Defender
A potent extract that activates the genes maintaining the length of your telomeres.
Teprenone is a great cell strengthening all-rounder that supports...
  •  Increased skin cell moisture
  •  Blocking foreign bacteria and debris
  •  Firmness and elasticity
  •  Smoother skin texture, and
  •  Resistance to cell decay
Teprenone works by activating genes that control and lengthen telomeres.
Plus, Clinical Trials Confirm its Ability to Help Combat Skin Damage 
Over a period of 30 days…
100% of women felt an increased level of moisture in their skin
100% noticed a smoother appearance in their skin tone
More than 90% noticed a decrease in pore size, and
75% noticed fine lines vanishing
Quietly Supporting Skin Defense
Teprenone supports protection of your cells in a way very few people know about...

And almost no one has reported on...

It helps enhance the power of the antioxidants.

Why’s this important?

Antioxidants protect your telomeres from oxidative stress.

And everything from making new cells to the pollution in the air causes this stress.

So stronger antioxidants provide a better natural defense...

Keeping your skin healthy and glowing with color. [14]

I include teprenone with the bio-enzyme to keep skin cells balanced and stress-free, and help support proteins that protect against skin cell damage and aid in telomerase production. [15]

And when the proteins are combined with...

#2 Cell Rejuvenator: Baicalin – The Architect

They form the base of...
A New Protein Cocktail for Your Skin
Baicalin (Bay-ca-lin) is a plant used in traditional medicine for centuries. [16] 
It’s known to support...
  •  Antioxidant effects [17]
  •  Healthy sleep [18]
  •  Anti-inflammatory properties [19]
  •  Relaxation and pain-relief, [20] and
  •  Destressing skin cells [21]
The Baicalin compound was originally extracted from the beautiful Blue Skullcap in Traditional Chinese Medicine.
Which aren’t just desirable...

They’re ideal for making skin beautiful.

Baicalin works by supporting fibroblasts — the cells that provide structure, strength and resilience to your skin...

And builds on their existing framework to...
Telomere Length and Your DNA
In a recent study, researchers blasted skin cells with UV-A radiation — one of the two kinds of harmful rays from the Sun.
They found skin cells without Baicalin had their telomere lengths reduced by almost 70%. [22]

That’s why I use it to fortify the bio-enzyme...

While Baicalin supports protection against UV-A...

I use another skin cell rejuvenator to help combat UV-B.

Natives of Peru call it...
The Sacred Herb of the Rainforest
It can be difficult to get hold of, but its restorative qualities are beyond equal.

#3 Cell Rejuvenator: Uncaria Tomentosa – The Healer

Peru is one of the 10 most biodiversity rich, or 'mega-diverse', countries of the world. [23]

The native Asháninka tribe use the healing herbs of the forest for nearly all their medicinal needs.

And they rate the protection of their skin of highest importance.

In fact, 57% of all their medicines are for treating the skin. [24]
Uncaria tomentosa is an exotic plant recognized for its extreme benefit to maintain healthy skin.
And Uncaria tomentosa ranks top of that list...
With good reason.

Researchers in the lab treated cells with an extract from Uncaria tomentosa. Then subjected the cells to UVB radiation.
Cells treated with Uncaria tomentosa lived 201% longer than untreated cells.
Uncaria tomentosa protects your skin from the outside… 

Ensuring your skin’s lower layers aren’t damaged by the Sun’s rays. 

And unlike chemical sunscreens like oxybenzone, benzophenone-3, and octyl methoxycinnamate… 

Uncaria tomentosa doesn’t encourage free radical damage when exposed to sunlight.

But it doesn’t stop there. 

Uncaria tomentosa also works at the DNA level too…
Repairing DNA Damage and Energizing Skin Cells
Studies prove Uncaria tomentosa activates telomerase... Signaling your telomeres to grow longer and produce younger cells. [25]

In a placebo-controlled study in Sweden, a group of volunteers taking Uncaria tomentosa for six weeks experienced…  

Significantly less DNA damage and more DNA repair. [26]

Uncaria tomentosa is an ideal partner for the bio-enzyme... Protecting against the biggest skin-aging factor — the Sun.
To extend cell life even further and provide the bio-enzyme with additional moisture…

I include a large dose of…
The Anti-Aging Acid Deep Within Your Skin
#4 Cell Rejuvenator: Hyaluronic Acid – The Hydrator

Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is nature’s moisturizer. [27]

It can hold up to 1,000 times its own in weight in water… [28]

And it gives your skin the smooth, taut, fullness of youth.

Adding HA to the bio-enzyme supports its delivery and activation...

And when you apply it to your skin in combination with...
HA can hold up to 1,000 times its own weight in water.
#5 Cell Rejuvenator: Squalane – The Fortifier forms an impenetrable barrier to lock the moisture inside your skin cells.

Squalane works like… 
A Cellular Reservoir Replenishing Skin Moisture
Squalane is an excellent moisturizer and leaves skin hydrated, plump and soft.

The texture is super-light and non-greasy…

And it sinks into your skin fast. [29]
When it reaches the deepest layer of your skin it forms a barrier against water loss…
Restoring moisture and suppleness to your face… 
Squalane retains skin cell moisture.
And reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

Up until your 20s your skin produces squalane in large amounts... 

But when levels begin to dwindle in your 30s, your skin becomes much drier. [30] 

In a double-blind, placebo-controlled Japanese clinical trial...

Twenty-three women saw a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and crow’s feet... while experiencing increased smoothness...

After 8 weeks of applying squalane directly to their skin. [31]

I combine squalane with HA to create a moisture-rich environment within your skin cells...

Providing the bio-enzyme with an extra layer of protection and a natural barrier against water loss. 

Squalane leaves your skin soft and glowing. 

It also boosts the overall firmness of your skin... 

But for ultimate skin firmness I include...

#6 Cell Rejuvenator: Astragalus – The Muscle 

Astragalus is...
The Ultimate Partner for Your Skin
Astragalus provides support on so many levels, it benefits everything it comes into contact with.

It supports HA production[32] and collagen in skin cells... [33]  

Restores the appearance of youthful firmness and elasticity. 

In a recent 8-week clinical trial, Korean scientists applied Astragalus extract directly to the skin  and found it... 

Slowed the breakdown of skin cell elasticity by 97.5% 

AND, inhibited the enzyme that breaks down collagen by 99%. [34]

Astragalus firms and tones sagging skin. 
Proving beyond any doubt just how effective it is.

But it doesn’t stop there. 

Astragalus supports...
  • Your immune system — activating the bio-enzyme
  •  Protection against environmental damage — blocking harmful rays
  •  Anti-inflammatory defenses — keeping skin free of blemishes and sores [35]

When using the 7 skin cell rejuvenators with the bio-enzyme, I recommend applying them to your skin at night...

For one simple reason...

When you’re asleep, your skin cells are free to regenerate without interruption. 

They’re not being subjected to environmental or physical stressors. 

So getting a good night’s sleep really does work wonders for your complexion.  

That’s why I include the last of the 7 skin cell rejuvenators...
Your Skin’s Repair Mode Activator
#7 Cell Rejuvenator: Melatonin – The Sleeper Agent

As I’m sure you’re aware...

The melatonin in your body helps you sleep at night.

But what you may not know is it’s also a strong antioxidant that protects your skin from the toxic environment. [36]

When you’re young, your body’s Melatonin helps support the body’s repair mechanisms while you sleep.
Melatonin promotes restful sleep and repairs DNA damage.
As you age, your body produces less of the hormone melatonin.
But as you get older you produce less and less Melatonin...

Leaving your skin vulnerable to the damage it’s suffered. 

Melatonin works by supporting the fibroblasts in your cells that help make your skin appear smooth and wrinkle-free.

Melatonin’s inclusion with the bio-enzyme is two-fold…
First, it supports the bio-enzyme by providing the ideal conditions for it to work...

And second, it helps promotes healthy sleep...
The Americans Growing Younger Skin by the Day
As I’ve said before, Big Pharma doesn’t want you getting your hands on this amazing bio-enzyme…

They’re doing everything they can to develop a synthetic version they can patent, mass produce, and sell back to consumers at 500% profit. 

But I want you to see the results the world’s leading anti-aging doctors are achieving…
Because I know when you do, you’ll join our movement and support our research into genuine anti-aging therapies.
I’ve put together a formula that includes the bio-enzyme and the 7 skin cell rejuvenators...

One that combines them in just the right proportion to get the biggest impact while keeping costs down.

Because I’m not in this for the profit, I’m in it for the future of anti-aging therapy.

I call this formula TeloRevive

It’s pure, clean, and contains nothing poisonous or toxic to the skin.
The world’s ONLY telomere-boosting night cream!
With TeloRevive you have the combined research of the world’s leading anti-aging doctors and scientists at your command. 

You can turn back the aging of your skin cells... 

And put your trust in the people at the forefront of medical research. 
TeloRevive Contains the Latest in Anti-Aging Science
TeloRevive supports DNA repair and maintain the length of your telomeres.

In fact, it can do more for the health and vitality of your skin than most of the $200, $400, and $600 designer products on the market today. 

I’ve been treating my patients with TeloRevive and the results have been incredible. 
A youthful natural glow. 
Carole G. now uses a tinted moisturizer in place of makeup because “the difference in my overall skin is like night and day. No one can believe I am 73.” 
Years taken off skin’s age.
Karen W. decided to perform “a small experiment on myself when I noticed a new small brown spot on my wrist.” She put the bio-enzyme on the spot “daily for the past few days and now it's gone!”
Incredibly smooth to the touch. 
Lynne T. receives compliments on how her “skin looks more youthful” and “my husband tells me that my skin feels lovely and smooth.”
TeloRevive’s rejuvenation formula is doctor-derived.

It’s a natural cream that’s guaranteed to improve your skin’s tone, texture and firmness. 

Each jar contains 1 oz. of cream and, with normal use, 1 jar will last about a month. 

What's more, I’ve made special arrangements for you to try the TeloRevive skin rejuvenation formula without risk…  

But more on that in a minute… 

First, I want to make sure you can get your hands on TeloRevive at as close to cost price as possible. 

So you can do your part in the fight against aging and support the legitimate doctors making the new discoveries… 

NOT the pharmaceutical companies marking up life-saving drugs up 5000% to line their pockets.
I am over the moon pleased with the results!
"I love TeloRevive because my skin is smoother and feels great! I am over the moon pleased with the results! I recommend this to everyone... girls, guys, you name it. I love it!"
- H.B.
Wake Up in the Morning with Younger, Firmer Skin
Given the cost of leading cosmetic brands, you’d expect to pay hundreds of dollars for TeloRevive’s advanced formula.

But the industry is only interested in squeezing you for as much profit as they can. 

I want to give you the chance at living longer with beautifully young skin. 

Provide You with the Latest Clinical Anti-Aging Technology
For the lowest price possible.
Because I know that once you try genuine anti-aging therapies...

You won’t touch the leading cosmetic brands ever again.

I’m sure you understand that tracking down the rejuvenators, performing clinical tests at specialist and labs, and having the final product manufactured and distributed costs money.

In fact, the TeloRevive advanced formula is priced at $99.95 per jar. That’s lower than the hundreds of dollars you’d typically pay for such an advanced formula.

Now how many trips to the dermatologist would that cover?

One? Two if they’re a family friend? 

But I want to show you how sincere I am...
And how getting this formula into your hands is part of my work.

So to get you started, you’ll get a FULL jar of TeloRevive Rejuvenating Night Cream for this one-time offer of just $79.95.
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The high concentrations of active ingredients found only in TeloRevive are true healing gifts. 

So, do you want to do all you can to help win the battle against wrinkles, fine lines, enlarged pores, uneven skin tone and possibly look and feel years, even decades younger? 

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No needles or doctor’s visits required! 

Try the one and only breakthrough natural formula with a combination of ingredients clinically proven to...
“Unleash the most absorbable and powerful forms of telomere-preserving ingredients.”
You see, I am uniquely qualified to keep you looking younger.

As a physician, author, ACE-certified fitness trainer and board-certified clinical nutrition specialist, I am one of today’s leading voices in anti-aging medicine and natural health.
  •  I’ve seen more than 20,000 patients at my practice in Royal Palm Beach, Florida…
  •  I’ve written thousands of articles and published more than 35 books and reports in the fields of alternative medicine, anti-aging, nutritional supplementation and skincare.
  •  I’m board-certified by the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.
  •  And I’m dedicated to getting you the results you want and need.
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Al Sears MD, CNS
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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Results may vary from person to person. No individual results should be seen as typical.
1. Marshall WF, et al. “What determines cell size?” BMC Biology. 2012;10:101.

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