Anti-Aging MD reveals next generation technology that’s Better Than NAD+...

Nobel Prize “Energy Hack” Generates 8-Times More STEM CELLS in the Brain, Gut, Muscles, and Skin
America’s Top 23 Medical Schools, Hospitals, and Research Centers
Are Raving About NAD+…

Revealed: Next generation technology that’s Better Than NAD...

Nobel Prize “Energy Hack” Supports More STEM CELLS in the Brain, Gut, Muscles, and Skin

America’s Top 23 Medical Schools, Hospital and Research Centers Are Raving About NAD...

“The key cause of vascular aging is surprisingly easy to reverse.” — MIT and the University of Pennsylvania 
“I take this religiously. It reverses the loss of cellular energy in aging — a key factor in  age-related cognitive decline.” — Director of Aging and Genetics at Massachusetts General Hospital
“Completely reversed the memory retention losses in brain aging.” — Johns Hopkins and National Institutes of Health
The closest thing we’ve seen to the Fountain of Youth.” — Director of Biology and Aging and the Department of Genetics at a Boston, MA Ivy League University 
After winning the Nobel Prize 90 years ago…

A cellular energy key called NAD is now front and center in the field of regenerative medicine.

It’s so potentially transformative for all symptoms of aging…

That the biggest names in medicine are working to get this technology in the hands of Americans age 50 to 90.

Including a dream team of eight Nobel Prize Laureates, Mayo Clinic’s director of medicine, an MIT biologist, and Stanford physician that have come together to bring NAD to the public, calling it…

The closest we’ve come to a safe and effective anti-aging drug.
And the best news? I’ve beat them to the punch.

You see, I’ve discovered a non-drug, side effect-free “energy hack” that boosts NAD evels by 2,400%.

Thanks to this technology...

Some of the top researchers in Ivy League medicine schools are reporting astounding results…

For themselves. Their patients. And in studies!

The Director of Genetics and Aging at Massachusetts General Hospital, says:

I take this religiously. It reverses the loss of cellular energy in aging — a key factor in age-related cognitive decline.”

The Director of Biology and Aging at a Boston Ivy League university calls it...
“The closest thing we’ve seen to the Fountain of Youth.”

“My father is 78, and used to act like Eeyore,”  he adds. “Now he’s going on six-day hikes and traveling around the world.” 
Researchers from UPenn and MIT used it to target a “key cause” of vascular aging… saying its:  “Surprisingly easy to reverse.” 

The MIT doctor who led the study says it can “rescue muscle mass in an aging population.”
And remarkably enough, all of these groundbreaking results, all the studies, all the first-hand experiences…
They’re all happening with a cellular “energy hack” that requires...
  • NO drugs
  • ​NO surgeries
  • ​NO doctor’s visits or prescription
  • ​And it’s 100% natural!
You see, NAD is not some foreign substance created by a chemical or pharma company.

It's already inside you — in every living cell in our body.

Scientists call it “the golden nucleotide.
“One of the most important molecules for life to exist.” 

“The linchpin of energy metabolism.” - Scientific American

The coenzyme of life.” - Charles Brenner, Dartmouth

Our brains, hearts, lungs, eyes, joints, you name it… no organ can survive without NAD.

Without it, we couldn’t live. Period.

It’s that fundamental.

This is why the discovery of NAD won the Nobel Prize in 1929. But there’s a problem…

As we age, NAD levels decline exponentially.

From all the levels we need in our cells at age 30…

Enough to live happily, youthfully, free of any health concerns…

To at age 80 having less than 10% of the necessary levels in our cells.
Causing all sorts of completely unnecessary symptoms of aging in our brains and bodies.

Fortunately for us, that’s not the end of the story.

NAD Levels Decline 90% With Age

In 2004, a Dartmouth researcher made the next big leap in this discovery. He found that...
Cellular levels of NAD can be boosted — without drugs or surgeries!

That’s right.

This process is completely reversible. And it can be done within our own cells!

Now, after all these years, NAD has now taken center stage in the field of regenerative 
NAD was first discovered by the British biochemists Arthur Harden and William John Young in 1906
It’s not a matter of if, it's how exactly...

That brings me to my discovery of a new “energy hack” that:

  • Boosts your levels of NAD by more than 2,400%.
  • ​Completely reverses the entire process of NAD depletion.
  • ​And restores your cellular energy back to levels of age 30 — and with it younger brain power, heart power, and more… 
100% naturally and with no side effects!

“A revolutionary therapy that actually supports younger age, improves DNA healing and could even help NASA get its astronauts to Mars.”

- Science Daily
Today, I’ll share with you the full story on this 21st century cellular aging miracle...

You’ll see how it supports the generation of NEW stem cells in our brain, gut, muscles, skin and more.

How my patients are using this cellular energy hack to become biologically younger 

And most importantly…
You’ll see how to get your hands on this technology right now, from the comfort of your 
own home.

So you can start experiencing these results immediately.
But before I go any further, just take a look at the astounding clinical research done on NAD.

Twenty-three medical schools, research centers, and hospitals…

Including the likes of Johns Hopkins, Mayo Clinic, UPenn, and MIT …  

They’re all finding that NAD completely supports our brains, hearts, eyes, joints, muscles and more.

Here’s a brief glimpse:

23 Of the Top Medical Schools, Research Centers, and Hospitals 
 Reach Amazing Consensus:

NAD Defeats Every Symptom of “Old Age”

Younger DNA!
“A [powerful] avenue to [support healthy] DNA.”  Researchers found that boosting NDA levels reawakens an internal healing mechanism within DNA — one that goes dormant with age.
- Mayo Clinic and National Institutes of Health study
“A giant leap for anti-aging.” The lead researcher reports that boosting NAD “rapidly [supported]” age-related changes to DNA. In the study, NAD levels were restored in aging cells. After just one week, researchers found: “The young cells were indistinguishable from the old ones.”
- Boston Ivy League University study
Younger Brain!
““Completely reversed the memory attention deficits.” Researchers found NAD supports the healthy creation of brain and muscle stem cells, new neurons, restores neural connections, and washes away age-related brain inflammation — all key causes of age-related cognitive decline.
- Johns Hopkins and National Institutes of Health study
Researchers found that NAD supports aging brain cells, supports aging neurons from autophagy (self-destructing) and replenishes them with new nutrients to restore their strength
- Cambridge study
Researchers found that NAD supports aging brain cells, supports aging neurons from autophagy (self-destructing) and replenishes them with new nutrients to restore their strength
- Scripps Institute study
When researchers boosted NAD levels in the hippocampus (the brain’s memory center), they found it stopped the age-related loss of neural stem cells — essential for generating new brain cells in old age
- Washington State University study
Younger Heart!
NAD supports a healthy cardiovascular and circulatory system, and blood pressure within normal ranges — with the same results and actions as “calorie restriction.” In other words, this is better for your heart than dieting!
- University of Colorado
Researchers found NAD aids in the recovery of post-stroke heart patients. The loss of NAD led to endothelial dysfunction in the heart’s blood vessels. Compared to the placebo, patients given NAD experienced a 125% better, faster recovery. Patients taking NAD had normal ventricular function and healthy systolic function.
- Ohio State University study
Younger Eyes!
Younger Ears!
Higher NAD levels support retinal cells, allowing them to stay healthier for longer. It also supported healthy optic nerve pressure — a neuroprotectant effect that researchers call the “Holy Grail.” What’s more, NAD supports healthy functioning blood vessels — promoting a healthy blood flow to the eye. Researchers found higher NAD levels made eyes a whopping 10-times healthier than aged eyes.
- Tufts University School of Medicine; Howard Hughes Institute; University of Miami Miller School of Medicine; the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.
Extremely loud noise disrupts neurons in the ear, breaking synapses and leading to a loss in “auditory capacity” — the ability to hear at distances. However, when researchers boosted NAD levels in cochlear cells, they found ears stayed healthy and working normally — even after exposure to unexpected loud noises.
- Cornell University, University of California San Francisco
Younger Muscles!
Younger Stem Cells!
In this study, NAD promoted the healthy function of the inner lining of blood vessels — reversing muscle loss. Aged arteries and capillaries performed equal to the younger ones. Endurance was boosted by 80%. Researchers say it was “surprisingly easy to reverse” this cause of vascular aging, adding that NAD could “rescue muscle mass in an aging population.”
- UPenn and MIT study
“NAD restores adult stem cell function and extends lifespan.”
- Prestigious California university study
Younger Kidneys!
Younger Gut!
Researchers found that aging kidneys had low levels of NAD, but using a compound that boosts NAD made the kidneys more robust and resistant to toxic stress
- Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, MIT, Massachusetts General Hospital, and Howard Hughes Institute study
“A potential intervention point to slow or reverse aging.” Researchers say that NAD “rejuvenates aged gut stem cells”. The result? Stronger lining of the intestines and better, hassle-free digestion
- MIT study
Younger Immune System!
Better Blood Sugar!
“NAD can tune the immune system by activating stem cells.” Researchers found that NAD reprogrammed immune cells from “destructive” mode to “protective” mode — rebooting the immune system for a healthier, better response
- Brigham and Women’s Hospital study
Researchers raised NAD levels in aged cells, resulting in normal, healthy glucose tolerance. Patients also saw normal cholesterol, triglycerides, and fatty acid levels.
- Washington University study
Boosts Fat Loss!
Deeper, More refreshing Sleep!
Researchers found that NAD is at the center of our body’s fat buildup process — something called adipogenesis (the creation of fat cells). When NAD levels are depleted, the process of adipogenesis accelerates. On the other hand, restoring young NAD levels supports the process of helping fat cells slim down.
- University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center study
Researchers found that NAD is the central regulator of the circadian clock for one reason: energy. It’s essentially the clock’s “control switch.” Normal NAD levels supports cells to burn energy properly at night, avoiding the cellular “starvation” that disrupts sleep. It times our body’s metabolism for deeper, uninterrupted sleep.
- Northwest University, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine
The list goes on and on.

At the moment over 7,641 clinical studies have been conducted on NAD. And they all 
NAD is the biggest discovery in regenerative medicine. We can now support the generation of new stem cells, new mitochondria, and “young again” organs - all by naturally boosting the levels of NAD within our own cells! This means NO drugs, NO surgeries, and NO dangerous side effects.
This is why the biggest names in medicine are backing new NAD boosting technology.


Eight Nobel Prize Laureates…

And 23 top medical schools, research centers and hospitals.

And it’s gone beyond the clinic…

NAD is now transforming the lives of everyday Americans in all 50 states.

Some even call it life-changing.

Don’t take my word for it…

“I Got a Brain Reboot and It Changed My Life”
Dylon B. took NAD and reports, "I have had people tell me that my skin looks better, that it looks more clear, so I would say yes, I have had anti-aging properties from it, for sure.”

After a single dose, he says "What really was incredible was the next three or four days. My mental acuity, mental clarity, I definitely felt that for the next three to four days.”
Dale A. reports that after taking NAD "I just felt good. It was like I had tons of energy, like I had gotten great sleep, been eating perfect and drinking a whole lot of caffeine, and I wasn't.”

James B. says “I got a Brain Reboot and Saved It My Life.

Within minutes of taking NAD, he reports, “Suddenly it hit me: I felt a surge of energy, but no jitters or edginess. My mood had noticeably improved. I felt poised, positive, and pumped-up. I remember thinking, 'this is awesome', and then saying exactly that out loud. I woke up the next day at 7 a.m. and didn't feel horrendous, which is unusual for me. In fact, I felt great. There was a definite improvement in energy levels, focus, and mindset. This continued throughout the rest of the day, and then for the following eight or so days.”

The stories go on and on.

There’s no shortage of patients who are experiencing the youth-rejuvenating power of NAD.

They’re experiencing younger brains and bodies on the cellular level.

They’re feeling the same exuberant energy and mental sharpness they hadThis is the power of NAD their 30s.

I have a file drawer full of similar patient experiences and testimonials. And now I want you to join them...

That’s why today I’ll share with you details on my technology that replenishes your aging cells.

A breakthrough in cellular aging that boosts your NAD levels by 2,400%.

What’s more I’ll show you how to get your hands on this technology today, from the comfort of your home.

So you can start experiencing these same results… or a whole lot better.

However, before I do, let me tell you a little about how this works.

Most don’t know...

But there’s a mountain of cutting-edge clinical proof on how NAD transforms cellular aging.

Few outside of elite medical circles have even seen it. You’re one of the first.

Here’s a brief glimpse...

Support More Stem Cell Activity
In Your Brain!
The secret to NAD is a specific set of Nobel Prize-winning stem cells that Ivy League neurologists say have the ability to take old, withered, tired brains…

And rebuild them like-new and young again…

All without drugs, surgeries, or a hospital visit.
These cells, called Neural Stem Cells, were once thought to die with age, never to return…

We now know that it’s not true. Not remotely.

In fact, according to new research at Cambridge, it turns out that brain stem cells don’t age at all. They simply lie dormant in a state called “quiescence.”

These stem cell sleepers just need to be reactivated. And researchers did just that.

Using NAD... the stem cells came back to life. They acted just like the young ones. 

Performing all of the same functions of healing aged brain cells and growing new ones.

No need for injections, surgery or drugs!

The miracles don’t stop there.

Doctors in top Ivy League schools are healing aged brains at the cellular level.

Stanford doctor Gary Steinberg saw 18 wheelchair-bound patients experience a full brain reboot, reporting:

I’m shocked. Ten years ago, we couldn’t even dream about these recoveries.”
Sonia C., age 36, was almost completely immobile for two years after her stroke…

She said she felt “trapped in her body.”

But just HOURS after activating her neural stem cells, she reports, “my limbs just woke up.”

Her and other patients even regained their ability to walk again!

One Ivy League neurologist called them “lasting neurological recoveries.”

In a “gold standard” clinical trial at Northwest University, researchers activated brain stem cells in spinal cord patients.

The result?

Every single one of the 52 patients saw major recoveries.

One, Louise P., was in a wheelchair, unable to read, and gave up on her career. That all changed within days of activating her brain stem cells.
She reports three years later that’s she’s free of symptoms...

“It does feel like a miracle. I almost have to pinch myself and think ‘Is this real? Is it really gone, is it ever going to come back?’”

The researchers in the study call it a “game changer” for wheelchair-bound patients.

A UCI neurobiologist even says, “stem cells can reverse age-related  memory loss.”
These are rigorous clinical trials at top medical schools. They’re treating real-life patients  written off by medicine. 

Patients who after years of hopelessness are now seeing a “light switch” turn on in their brain. 

Many are even able to walk and talk again.

And these recoveries are lasting years after treatment.

This is the power of neural stem cells. And it’s no mystery why...

In short, these unique kind of stem cells have the unparalleled ability to:
  • Support the healthy growth of new neurons (neurogenesis)
  • ​Rejuvenate aged brain cells
  • Aid in the revival of old brain circuits
  • Keep our brain free of “toxic gunk”
  • ​Maintain healthy brain inflammation response
  • ​Support the healthy growth of new brain blood vessels (angiogenesis)
  • ​Promote the rewiring of brain synapses
  • ​Support the generation of new brain tissue
And so on.
Neural stem cells nurse ailing neurons, preventing them from dying, and stimulate the formation of blood vessels that nourish damaged tissue with nutrients and oxygen. They may even promote new connections between the sickly nerves.” - USC Neurosurgeon

Essentially, they build your brain new again.

And the best part?

You don’t need surgery or drugs to see these results.

Thanks to a new neural stem cell boosting technology called NAD...

You can get a “brain reboot” with…
● Crystal-clear memory 

● Sky-high IQ

● Encyclopedic knowledge

● Snappy wit

● No brain fog or senior moments

● Enhanced mood and happiness

● Less stress and anxious feelings

It can all be yours, all from the comfort of your home.

It’s not just brain aging either…
The “Command Center” of Aging in the Brain AND Body
Neural stem cells in the hypothalamus (the brain’s memory center) control ALL forms of 

That’s the conclusion recently reached by researchers at the Albert Einstein College of 

They removed neural stem cells from the hypothalamus of mice. And found aging

Their lifespan shortened by the equivalent of 10 years. They didn’t just die sooner…
They lost memory, endurance and coordination.

They also became less youthful, curious, and social. In short, they became “old mice.”

But when researchers boosted the neural stem cell count in one group, they transformed dramatically.

They gained 10% more brain and physical capacity. They lived much longer.

"Our research shows that the number of hypothalamic neural stem cells naturally declines, and this decline accelerates aging," says the senior author of the study. 

"But we also found that the effects of this loss are not irreversible.”

Thanks to neural stem cells, he adds, it’s possible to slow and even reverse various aspects of aging throughout the body."

This is what NAD technology comes in.

In short, this technology resurrects your brain’s silent stem cells…

And directs them to the work of rebooting your brain
It de-ages them, turning back the clock on old brains.
And it achieves this with:
  • NO side effects
  • NO prescription
  • NO doctor’s visit.
How is this possible?
Look no further than the man who discovered neural stem cells for the answer. He says that...

Nutrition Boosts Neural Stem Cells Better than Drugs!
Thirty years ago, Tufts University and USDA researcher Dennis Steindler made the first discovery of neural stem cells in the brain’s hippocampus.

He found these cells could morph into any kind of cell in the brain and repair damaged tissues.

Decades later, he says that the production of stem cells is too complex for drugs.

You see, stem cells are impacted by hundreds of different genes and protein pathways.

Drugs, on the other hand, will only target a single gene, which will ultimately fail to grow new stem cells.

The solution?


“Food is medicine,” he says. “Nutrition has the ability to affect many of those pathways at the same time.”

He calls this “neuroregenerative nutrition.”

In other words, certain nutrients that we consume with our food...

Nutrients that cost next to nothing and are perfectly safe...

Have the ability to create new brain neurons, restoring age-related memory loss and learning capacity!

This is according to the top medical scientist who uncovered neural stem cells.

Now get this…

No nutrient does more to support neural stem cells than NAD!

In a study published in the Journal of the American Heart Association, researchers treated post-stroke patients with NAD.

When they looked at their cells compared to the placebo group…

They found that NAD generated...
Supports More Brain Stem Cells
It gets better though… 

Another chart shows what are called “stem cell clusters.” This is when cells get together and create new tissue.

That’s right. New tissue for aged organs.

When compared to the placebo, the control (NAD) group showed exponentially more clusters…

This is the power of NAD.

This is how it so effectively rejuvenates our body’s aged brain, eyes, lungs, kidneys and more.

Researchers at Johns Hopkins and the National Institutes of Health gave memory patients NAD.

Half were young and had healthy, sharp brain function.

The other half had aged brains, meaning brain fog, senior moments, and fading memory.

After receiving NAD, the aged group not only saw support for…
  • Healthier brain proteins
  • Better neural plasticity (ability to remember and learn)
  • ​Healthy DNA 
  • ​Healthier brain cells
  • ​Healthy neural stem cells
They also scored equal on tests for behavior and memory test compared to the younger, healthy group.

The researchers say that NAD “reversed the age-related memory deficits” in the aged group.

The results are due to “a rejuvenating effect NAD had on stem cells in both muscle and brain tissue.”

It’s not just brain stem cells either...
Doubles Muscle Stem Cells
In a study published in the journal Science, researchers found NAD...
  • Increases lifespan by the equivalent of 20 years
  • DOUBLES the number of new muscle stem cells
  • Supports the activation of sleeping neural stem cells, and supports their reprogramming into NEW nerve cells (neurogenesis)
So why is NAD  such a stem cell powerhouse?

It has to do with little “power plants” in our cells.

Of course, I’m talking about our cells’ mitochondria — the source of all cellular energy. They do more than generate our body’s energy though.

Our Cellular “Power Plants
Are Also the Key to
Young Stem Cells
Think about stem cells for a minute.

These “blank slate” cells can reprogram to become any kind of cell in our body.

They replace dead and dying cells with fresh vital ones.

They’re tiny miracles that allow our body to heal itself, stay young, and become young again.
But they don’t do it on their own.

They need two things to make that possible.

First, when a cell dies anywhere in our body, stem cells need ORDERS to act.

This is where mitochondria come in.

If stem cells are the soldiers… mitochondria are the sergeants.
When cells die, they signal to stem cells what’s happening.

It’s fascinating stuff.

Mitochondria “shape shift” to achieve this.

This tells stem cells that the cell is no longer living and it’s time for them to make a replacement.

For example, when neurons die, mitochondria signal neural stem cells to create new brain cells...

Keeping our memory fresh… our muscles strong… and our eyes sharp.

Without them, no new neurons are created.

The result?

Our memory fades, our learning is incapacitated, our mood is soured. Our brains age.

Second, when stem cells reprogram, they need ENERGY.

Stem cells have no mitochondria of their own. Remember, they are blank slates.

So before they can transform into a brain, muscle, or intestinal cell…

They need to consume energy from somewhere else.

The only source?

Our mitochondria.

When new cells are needed…

Existing mitochondria channels their energy to aid stem cells in their transformation.

Of course, this process works great when we’re young and healthy.

After 30 though, everything changes…

Our mitochondria count begins to deplete.

Not only that…

With all the free radicals unleashed in our body from toxic foods, environment, and drugs… 
Existing mitochondria become incapacitated.

From age 30 to age 90…

We lose 90% of our body’s mitochondria.
Take a look at this chart...
NAD and mitochondria decline at the exact same rate with age!

You see, our cell’s power plants need workers.

They need someone to regulate the input and output of the energy supply.

This is what NAD does.

It’s why researchers say that NAD is “critically important” to mitochondria function.
The less NAD in our cells, the weaker our mitochondria get.

They eventually die, with no replacements.

And fewer mitochondria are available to generate energy and command stem cells.

So our dying tissue and organs go unhealed. They begin aging.

This is why mitochondrial aging is the cause of EVERYTHING from heart aging to memory loss.

Fortunately, we now know that this process is NOT inevitable.
NAD is a Mitochondria Miracle
In fact, according to a “dream team” of researchers at a prestigious Ivy League Medical School, MIT, Brigham Women’s Hospital, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, and the National Institutes of Health…

When NAD levels are replenished in aged cells… the decline in mitochondrial function is REVERSED.

The study found two key markers of dying mitochondria were completely replenished.

What’s more, they report a reversal in the decline of key biomarkers of old age including...
  • Muscular atrophy
  • Inflammation
  • And insulin sensitivity
The study reports: “1 week of treatment with a compound that boosts NAD levels is sufficient to restore the mitochondrial homeostasis and key biochemical markers of muscle health in a 22-month-old mouse to levels similar to a 6-month-old mouse.”

It gets better though…

Not only does NAD restore the youth of existing mitochondria…

According to researchers from the University of Cambridge...

It supports the generation of brand-new mitochondria — a process called mitochondrial biogenesis.

Supports the Natural Generation of NEW Mitochondria
The study found enhancing NAD boosts a key marker of mitochondria biogenesis in neurons.

In fact, this marker — TFAM — doubled in just 48 hours.

What’s more, it resulted in a 50% increase in mitochondrial mass and content in cells.

It also enhanced DNA self-healing in the brain.

This means that dying mitochondria in nerve cells were swept away and replaced with “young again” ones.

Look. I can go on with more studies and proof.

These breakthrough discoveries in cellular aging are happening all the time.

Every day we learn more about the power of NAD and what makes it a healing miracle.

The findings on this Nobel Prize-technology are truly breathtaking.

We have the real cure for “old age” right in our hands today.

Yet the average person doesn’t have a clue about the possibilities.

They’ve been told that aging is inevitable, as are the symptoms.
I can say this, with complete certainty:

It’s NOT.

I want to get NAD in your hands right away.

That’s why I’ve made niacinamide — the ultimate NAD precursor — the anchor ingredient of my new formula.

I call it Mito-Essence.

Let me show you how to claim it today, for less than 40 cents a scoop. 

Less than 40 cents a Scoop Restores Healthy Brain, Eyes, Heart, Muscles, Digestion and More
Eight Nobel Prize Laureates and a dozen medical directors from Massachusetts General Hospital, MIT, the Mayor Clinic are all working to make NAD technology available to the public. 

Now it’s here. At your fingertips. Today.

The nutrients in my first-ever, no-prescription, NAD-boosting combination support…

  • The creation of all-new, young again mitochondria. 
  • The natural production of stem cells in your brain, muscles, gut, and skin.
  • And reverses key symptoms of “old age.”
As you can imagine, this means real, transformative results like…
  • Sharp, crystal-clear memory
  • Smoother, ache-free joints
  • Stronger muscles
  • ​Healthy cholesterol 
  • ​More robust lungs
  • ​Younger skin
  • ​Stronger heart
  • ​Healthy blood sugar
  • ​Younger, refreshing skin
  • ​Optimal physical stamina
  • ​Hassle-free digestion
  • ​Top-notch exercise capacity
  • ​Bulletproof immune system...
And it increases the length of your "health span" by years...
Here’s what’s inside...

Nutrient Boosts NAD by 2,400% 
In a study conducted by Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, MIT, Massachusetts General Hospital, and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute …

Researchers gave niacinamide to kidney patients for just three days.  

The results, published in Nature, showed that NAD levels were boosted 10-fold!
Thanks to niacinamide...

Kidney patients also saw less of risk of a fatal episode and experienced better recoveries.

That’s pretty good. But it gets better with time. For example...

In another study, researchers gave wheelchair-bound patients niacinamide over six weeks.

They found NAD levels were enhanced 24-fold in blood tests.38

That’s a 2,400% increase! And the rise happened progressively. 

This means the more you take, the better the results over time!

This is why niacinamide is the key nutrient in Mito-Essence. I’ve taken it a step further though...

I’ve added another ingredient that scientists are calling the “perfect match” for niacinamide.

It acts like the “backdoor” to enhancing your NAD levels.

That’s because it targets that sneaky gene that robs you of NAD in the first place.

Let me explain…
The Sneaky Gene that Zaps
Your NAD Levels
Researchers at the Mayo Clinic recently discovered how a gene, called CD38, steals your energy. 

In short, it devours your NAD and depletes your cell’s capacity to keep healthy levels.

As we age, the CD38 gene runs wild.

In fact, when researchers observed aged spleens, livers, and skeletal muscle…

They found that CD38 was up to five-times more active.

And the more active the more NAD it destroys... causing all the symptoms of “old age.”

Here’s a chart from the study…
The connection is clear.

When Mayo Clinic researchers split the groups in two...
Nothing changed in the control group, so their NAD levels continued to plummet rapidly.

Mitochondrial aging accelerated too.

But in the group where CD38 was not active, the opposite happened.

Take a look…

When CD38 is not active, the results are 3-times higher blood levels of NAD.

According to the study: “the efficacy of NAD precursors may be enhanced by co-supplementation with CD38 inhibitors.”
If we’re going to restore our young again levels of NAD...

We need to block this aging accelerator.

This is why, along with niacinamide, the NAD precursor…

I added a surprising ingredient to Mito-Essence: a flavonoid called Luteolin.
This plant antioxidant is now recognized in top medical circles as the most potent fighter of CD38.

Researchers at Ohio State University’s Davis Heart and Lung Research Institute conducted two studies…

In the first, they split up heart patients in three groups: 

1) Untreated 
2) NAD
3) NAD with luteolin.

For the group of heart patients who received both NAD with luteolin, everything changed.

Their CD38 gene was no longer active. The result?

They not only had 9-times higher blood levels of NAD. They got support for…
Healthy systolic pressure.

Healthy ventricular pressure.

And healthy heart tissue.

They also saw 125% faster results than the control group!

Even more incredible, they saw 50% faster results than patients who ONLY took NAD.

In other words…

Luteolin support low levels of CD38 to accelerate the results of NAD in our cells.
In the second study, when Ohio State researchers gave Luteolin to wheelchair-bound patients…

Not only did they have lower levels of the CD38 gene…

Their blood levels of NAD were 6-times higher than the placebo.

In fact, they were almost the same as younger heart patients. They returned to normal!

What’s more, patients taking luteolin experienced healthy support for vascular function.

They had healthy systolic pressure in the “safe zone.”

Heart tissue stayed normal and healthy.

The researchers said that luteolin supported low levels of CD38 better than anything else available — with no toxicity.

This is why luteolin is the perfect complement to niacinamide...

Taken together, they are a “power couple” for generating higher, longer-lasting levels of NAD.
Mito-Essence is the Next Generation Breakthrough In 
The Science Of Aging
Nothing in the history of medicine has come as clos to an anti-aging “silver bullet” as this...

Nothing else has gotten this close to the root cause of aging...

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Bonus Dossier:
The Incredible Stem Cell Revolution
Here’s just a bit of what researchers are discovering that stem cells can do:
  • Create new brain cells, reversing brain damage and restoring memory — Nature Medicine
  • Generate new pancreatic cells, reversing type 2 diabetes — Ivy League Stem Cell Institute
  • Reverse heart aging in one month — Cedars-Sinai Heart Institute
  • Rebuild damaged heart muscle, reversing heart failure — American College of Cardiology
  • ​Turn immune cells into “cancer-seeking missiles” that obliterate tumors — University of California
  • ​Create new retinal cells, restoring vision to the blind — University College of London
  • ​Reverse the hallmarks of aging, increasing lifespan by the equivalent of 24 years — Salk Institute
  • ​Eliminate all signs of Multiple Sclerosis in 69% of patients— Ivy League Stem Cell Institute and Mayo Clinic
  • ​Regrow damaged cartilage, reversing osteoarthritis — Mayo Clinic
I’ve assembled the latest research on stem cells… including discoveries I’ve made at the Sears Institute for Anti-Aging Medicine.

And I’ve put it all in my breakthrough, cutting-edge new dossier, The Incredible New Stem Cell Revolution. 

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